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" I have known Carla Farrell for 13 years as a  office organizer extraordinaire.  During that time I have witnessed her determination, integrity, and sincere desire to better herself and whatever the task before her is.   She has been responsible for office management and upkeep in a successful business with her husband, handled customer relations, recruited new clients and maintained a thriving home life.  Carla has helped me organize files and set up a computer accounting system for my business.  She is a diligent worker who is task oriented and highly organized.


Since Carla has moved to Sioux Falls she has been an amazing inspiration as a community volunteer with Children's Care Hospital, volunteering several hours with in her church family and as a woman of faith for me personally.  She is able to put an optimistic spin and move forward for any situation.


Carla is held in highest regard among her colleagues and of course family.  I would highly recommend Carla."


Deb Snyder RN, LMT

Sioux Falls, SD